Increase Revenue with Karaoke.

Why Karaoke?

A few reasons why Karaoke could work well for your business…

Support from day one

Increased RevenueBring in extra revenue from both increased custom (food / drink) and Karaoke hire.

Amazing Technology

Low Staff CostsOur system is controlled by your customers, which means a low staff overhead.

Stand Out

Stand OutKaraoke makes your venue a destination for groups looking to experience something new.


Who Uses it Now?

Here’s a few live examples of how the system has been used so far…

Function Rooms

Adding Karaoke to a function room creates added value to your facility hire and can swing the decision to book your venue over a competitor.

Bounce Got It

Private Rooms

The ultimate experience. Turn dead space into your star attraction by making dedicated Karaoke rooms the VIP experience for customers.

All Star Lanes Got It

Single Events

Top off the perfect event with Karaoke and give guests a night to remember. Perfect for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Yarrington Got It


Business Case

Karaoke is for friends, hens, stags and birthdays. It’s for the kids, the adults and everyone in between. It has proven to increase profits year after year and we are proud to have supplied some of our customers for well over 5 years.

Karaoke is a great way of increasing revenue and profits for existing business. With low running costs and reactive pricing from Humbubble, we can help you scale the business as it grows.

Food & Drinks

For private Karaoke rooms a typical 2 hour session can be thirsty work, so singers will be happy to find an on screen call button for room service.

Additionally, offering food before or after each session is a great up-sell, it saves the party organiser effort and increases revenue.



With you all the way

We have created “install quality” Karaoke systems using the best components that ensures year-on-year reliability. Our systems are installed in venues across Europe and trusted by Park Resorts, TUI, Europa Park and even installed on yachts at sea.

We know what makes a good Karaoke venue and are happy to discuss layout and features with you. We will work with your installers to help ensure everything goes to plan.

Check out the Karaoke system


Flexible Pricing

We believe a fair and simple pricing structure is the best way to build a Karaoke service and offer a variety of options for all our customers. This is provided through our reactive pricing where the price depends on system usage each month.


Next Step

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