Lyric Screen

Wherever it is optimal for the view in to room. Just note that the speakers and wired mic XLR should be positioned relative to the lyric screen.

Wired Mic connectors

We suggest wiring the a dual XLR plate in the room below or near to the Lyric Screen. Even when wireless mics are to be used as it provides a backup should the wireless mic be out of action.


Ideally don’t mount speakers behinds the singers so the reduce the chance of feedback. The same wall or side of the room as the lyric screen is ideal.

Touchscreen position

We would recommend mounting this by the entrance to the room as it makes it easier for staff to reach when it’s busy. Also ensure people using the screen won’t be in the way of doors opening, blocking the view to the lyric screen or have a speaker right next to it.


You want to put comfy seats around to allow people to sit down but leave space for standing/dancing. A good design is to integrate a shelf behind the seat to allow drinks to be placed.