Lyric Screen

This is just a normal TV screen.
We would recommend a digital connection to HDMI, DVI-D or Display Link to get the best image quality.

The output of the PC is Display link 1.2 and is simply converted to HDMI or DVI-D as they carry the same signals.

VGA is possible through a Display Link to VGA converter.

Touch Screen

The touch-screen requires both video and control connections.


This is connected using VGA. The touch-screen resolution is 1024×768.


USB is preferred for short runs of less than 5 metres from the PC.

For longer runs you will need to extend the USB, typically this is done using USB extenders over CAT5.



Up to 4 wired and wireless microphones can be connected to the system at the same time.

Wired Microphone

We recommend a balanced connection. Wiring XLR to the rooms (ideally below the Lyric Screen) is a good choice providing a backup connection to the room, should a wireless mic be out of action. Volume and pre-amp are available for these inputs along with +48v phantom power.

Wireless Microphone

There are two inputs for wireless microphones, these are connected via balanced TRS and need to be line level input. (Most wireless receivers output this).
Tip: Pay close attention to the output format of the wireless receiver. If it’s unbalanced, ensure you use a two pole 1/4 jack cable, as using a three pole can cause audio issues. There is no gain control on these inputs and should be set on the mic receiver so to match the volume of the wired mics.

Note: Ensure you have all the licences in place for Wireless Microphone usage. Details for the UK.


We strongly recommend running balanced cables to the amplifier to prevent any audio interference.

Speakers should ideally not be mounted behind the singer to help reduce feedback. So on the wall with the Lyric screen is the ideal position.


Either wireless or wired internet can be used to connect the system to the internet for updates. We would suggest allowing the system to get it’s address though DHCP as it’ll work out the box but can be configured with a static address. No special requirements or configuration needed on the router.

Call Button

We use a network connected box to signal when service is required in a room. This has a wired ethernet connection on it and can handle 4 rooms per box. Multiple boxes can be used for more than 4 rooms. Each channel controls and LEDs and beep when the state changes. There are also 4 IEC connections to allow a lamp to be switch on when the button is pressed to make it clear or to make a feature of this service.